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Welcome to the @thewholetoothnz. You will get the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing.but.the.truth!

I know you are all out there in your dental clinics, your dental surgeries, doing the mahi ! I want you to know, we are thinking about you, and how we can provide professional education & support that will excite, empower and engage you.

What a journey to get to this point! The last two years of thinking, dreaming, researching, asking questions, hosting never-ending zoom meetings to get this underway. Thank you to all my dental peers who have listened to me, patiently waited for this something I have been talking about for ages.

What I mean by ‘this‘ is, Rebecca Ahmadi & Associates, an oral health consultancy business with Diane Pevreal, is the launchpad for some of the other projects in the creation of our pursuit to do good for our colleagues.

Early last year I left, or rather was made to leave a job in which I could not do what I was employed to do- empower, educate & support Dental and Oral Health Therapists. So how else could this be done?

Current educational and professional development opportunities available in Aotearoa are not meeting the needs of the practising DT, OHT & HYG. We are embarking on a new recertification cycle and with that creates a need for quality, specific professional development that is affordable, accessible and interesting! We cannot wait to bring you services that you can utilise!

Improving oral health – what IS going on in Aotearoa?

I’ve got some ideas. However, I will not be too controversial on this first blog. Perhaps slightly more controversial on upcoming podcasts.

I want to ask you, dear readers, what is really going on out there in the public and private dental sectors?

So here is the moment of toothy truth, there appears to be a veil of secrecy over any planning, strategy or improvements in the provision of oral health for our population. Or perhaps I have not been at the right table or talking to those in the know. I am a BIG fan of nothing about us, without us!

So what is the future of public oral health services in Aotearoa? Tell me your toothy tales in the comments…

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