Tēna koutou katoa, welcome to the new Podcast ‘The Whole Tooth Ao/NZ’, created by oral health professionals for oral health professionals. This is a platform for discussion and debate on what matters for oral health in Aotearoa.
Rebecca Ahmadi & Diane Pevreal are Dental Therapists, based in Waikato, Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Join ‘The Whole Tooth Ao/NZ’ to hear from amazing oral health professionals working tirelessly to improve oral health, wherever they may be.


Speaker 1 00:00:03 Kia Ora and welcome to the whole tooth, Aotearoa NZ a platform for oral health professionals by oral health professionals, where we will share the kaupapa of the oral health profession in Aotearoa, where we will seek to speak the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the truth. So here we are. And you’re wondering who we are. My name is Rebecca Ahmadi and I am a dental therapist, and I am one half of the co-creator of the whole tooth now NZ. And the other half is Diane Pevreal, friend and colleague also dental therapist. And she will join me in our next show, ‘Just the two of us’. So this platform is for the oral health professional. Those of you who tirelessly work on improving oral health in Aotearoa, we see you in your dental clinics and your dental surgeries, doing the mahi, doing the hard yards, trying to keep up with all the expectations, the hurdles, the boundaries, and the relentless number of patients that just need your attention and care.

Speaker 1 00:01:00 We hope to connect oral health professionals across Aotearoa, to see what is working well, what is not working well, and what the solutions are out there. We believe talking about these things are going to bring the changes that we see as a profession. There’s more to come from us. So watch this space, Diane, and I will join you next week, where we will share our vision values and goals for the oral health profession and the oral health of Aotearoa. So go, well, my oral health, professional colleagues and peers from us at the Whole tooth Ao/NZ. Noho Ora Mai.

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